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Tasting is believing

Fresh market, high quality meat snacks, created the old fashioned way. Tender and Delicious, Taste ours and you'll never go back!


What to love about Iowa Smokehouse

Often as big companies grow they cheapen their products to pay for the overhead. Not us! Our snack sticks are all USA beef and/or pork. Our beef jerky is thick and tender. In addition to our fine meat snacks, we also have a full lineup of all natural delicious bbq sauces and ketchups. Taste the difference!

We proudly insist on only high quality products and top notch service for our customers.

— Lee Holsman, Owner

An old-fashioned success story

In 1984, Lee Holsman decided to start a snack food business.

He went to the bank and borrowed $5,000 (his sister had to cosign for him as he was new in town). With the loan, Lee purchased a Volkswagen Rabbit as his first delivery vehicle, and $3,000 worth of beef jerky and other snacks. He began by calling on taverns, convenience stores, truck stops, and grocery stores. He would start a route, hire a driver to deliver to those stores, and then...

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Years in business




Flavors of jerky


Uncompromising brand

Ready to Taste the Difference?

We know you will love our products

We proudly present our brands: IOWA SMOKEHOUSE meat snacks, ketchups, and barbecue sauces, and laura beth’s all natural jams, salsas, and pickled jar goods. Our orders ship quickly anywhere in continental United States.

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